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I get so many lovely comments I've decided to start sharing them all with you.

Thank you!


17/9/19 - South Gloucestershire Food & Drink Show


Honestly, Rose sings so beautifully, right from her heart and her Sunday set list were all my favourites.  She did such a good job, from Showman to Gaga's A Star is Born to some older songs that all resonated - she clearly knows what she can sing well.  I much preferred Rose's version of Toxic and I was singing right along with her from the back of the marquee :-)


Rose just needs to keep going, keep being heard and keep following her dream. I think Rose is destined to go far...


5/9/19 - Thornbury Carnival

Her performance at this year's carnival was well received and a huge thank you for taking part.

David Wrench - Carnival Organiser

11/7/19 - John Lewis, The Mall, Cribbs Causeway for Super Southmead Charity


...Adrian was really impressed with Rose!

Ian - Super Southmead Charity

10/7/19 - Yate Shopping Centre for Super Southmead Charity


Thanks for Saturday, it was lovely to meet you both and I was impressed with Rose. She did really well and it didn’t show that she was nervous..

Ian - Super Southmead Charity

25/9/19 - Booking


I listened to the videos on Rose’s website and her voice is absolutely gorgeous, she’s got such a lovely sound! I’d absolutely love for Rose to sing...


Hayley - St.Peter's Hospice, Bristol

20/2/19 - Bradley Stoke Radio

Good to meet you last night. Rose has a Great voice for someone so young...

Steve Parkhouse - Jelli Records

15/12/19 - Portishead Christmas Lights

'She's got a bright future ahead of her'


Gary - Organiser

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