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Whoop whoop, here goes!

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

This is my first ever blog - I hope you have liked looking at my website. I will be adding pics, videos, sound clips etc as and when I can. If you would like to keep updated with what I am doing please go to the contacts page and enter your email address in the relevant box then my posts will be sent to you directly.

A little bit about what I'm currently doing - Just before Christmas I auditioned for Britain's Got Talent and sang Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga. I thought it went well but I have to wait until the middle of February to find out if they liked me. I had a few giggles whilst queuing as some of the other acts were hilarious! Oh, I did manage to get on the local news!

I'm also writing three and composing three new songs which I hope to finish soon. I'm also going be entering into a song writing competition which I found out about today. More news about that to come.

This week I had to give the trophy that I won at Thornbury 2018 Eisteddfod back to Thornbury Town Council so that they can use it again this year. I have had a replica made for me that I can keep forever. For last years competition the category was 'songs from the shows'. This year the category that I will be taking part in is 'songs from the shows and screen'. I think I have my song chosen - watch this space. Fingers crossed I win again. I've added a photo from last year.

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